Ajwa Dadels 3KG


Ajwa Dadels 3KG


What Are Ajwa Dates?

Ajwa dates or Ajwa khajoors is a famous date that is picked in Medina. They are known and highly sought after all over the world, especially among Muslims. Ordering Ajwa Khajoors is easy via Daily Ajwa. The benefits of Ajwa khajoors are enormous (see the benefits below) and they are known for their high nutritional and medicinal values. The flesh of the Ajwa khajoors is extremely soft and therefore almost melts in your mouth. There are also thin, white lines on the dates and these also characterize the Ajwa.

Benefits of Ajwa Dates

1. Ensures a Healthy Pregnancy

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Ajwa dates have a composition that mimics the effect of oxytocin. Women need this hormone to start a pregnancy. Scientific research shows that Ajwa dates have a positive effect on pregnancy and childbirth. Ajwa dates are a good fruit to eat before, during and after pregnancy. The vitamins and minerals in dates are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, giving you quick energy.

2. Improves your sleep

Ajwa dates that you eat in the evening can have a positive effect on sleep. This is because it contains substances that have a calming effect (eg tryptophan). Research shows that dates eaten in the evening can have a positive effect on sleeping problems.

3. Works against sihr and poison

According to the Prophet you will not be affected by magic or poison if you eat 7 Ajwa in the morning ( Sahih al-Bukhari 5779 ). The complete Hadith about eating seven Ajwa dates: Narrated Sa`d: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever eats 7 Ajwa dates every morning will not be harmed by poison or magic on that same day”.

4. Good for your digestive system

The fiber in Ajwa helps with digestive problems and to maintain healthy bowel activity. It also helps to improve bowel movements.

5. Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Ajwa contain a lot of fiber and they also help against bad cholesterol. Those fibers stick to the cholesterol and so easily leave the body. In addition, the natural sugars in Ajwa dates are better tolerated by diabetics than industrial sugars. This also makes it easier for diabetics to enjoy this fruit.

6. Good for your bones and heart

Potassium is rich in Ajwa dates and that is a valuable nutrient for healthy bones and heart. In addition, Ajwa dates are also a source of iron. Iron plays a vital role in the production of red blood cells and can even prevent anemia.

Order Ajwa dates?

Daily Ajwa has excellent quality Ajwa dates that come straight from Medina. You can buy them in 500 grams, 1 kilo, 2 kilos and even 3 kilos. The more kilos you buy, the cheaper it becomes.


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